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released July 4, 2003

John Gillis-drums
Mark Fields-vocals
Nick Camilleri-bass
Seth Putnam-guitar

Backing vocals on "Hiding Behind The Flag" by Seth.
Backing vocals on "Warning" by Seth, Nick, John, Paul Kraynak, and Dave Fitch.

Recorded March 15th, 2002 by Steve Austin at Austin Enterprise, Clinton, Massachusetts.

Vinyl version mixed March 18th, 2002 by Steve, Seth, and Mark. Mastered by Steve the same night.

Digital download version remixed June 1, 2012 by Ken Cmar at New Alliance. Preliminary mastering by Bombworks Sound, summer 2012; final mastering by Dave Labuguen, fall 2012.


all rights reserved



YOU'RE FIRED Boston, Massachusetts

In early 2002, AxCx, PROCLAMATION, & KEVORKIAN'S ANGELS alumni joined forces in YOU'RE FIRED, a fast, raw HC band. We played sporadic live shows, and RSR released our "Warning" EP.

We wrote other songs, but Seth died unexpectedly in 2011. With the help of Seth's long-time collaborator Paulie, we recorded the songs properly as a farewell to our fallen brother. Thus ends the story of YOU'RE FIRED.
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Track Name: Peace Bait
bodies raining from the sky
high death toll amidst the smouldering debris
insular bubble now burst
disloyal servants make our lives even worse
sweeping martial tactics propose
liberty's fabric depose--
cries for peace and safety
bleated out by braindead sheeple
who are already put to sleep

draconian measures implement
freedom now as good as dead
the lines are being drawn;
which side will you be on?
the traitors will be tried and then we'll hang them by a rope

fattened lazy populace
slaves to comfort, self-absorbed
letting politicians do their thinking
too ignorant or scared to be armed
falling for the phony peace bait
the Ministry Of Information sold to them--
cries for peace and safety
bleated out by braindead sheeple
who are already put to sleep
Track Name: Bilderberg
the prominent cast in shadows
appropriately dark for their deeds
hidden from view by their own choosing
power elite gather as they have now for years

(big) media toes the party line
silent per their masters' bidding
why tip your hand? (besides) you hold all the cards anyway
but you don't want the feeders getting wise to the game

since '54 you've called the shots
incremental in design
stripping rights from the "undeserving"--
off whose backs you live like kings

Track Name: Hiding Behind the Flag
17 children slaughtered back on april 19th, '93
PCA (Posse Comitatus Act) ignored, another crimson brick on the road to tryranny
government thugs--these are the very ones we're supposed to trust with the guns
it's high time to arm ourselves to the teeth and put the Gestapo on the run

i hope the feds in the agencies will stop to think from time to time
that we've got 300 million guns to make the punishment fit their crime
they could blacken the horizon, but in a shooting war
there's a bunch of us ready to protect ourselves and to balance out the score

CS gas at point blank range--hiding behind the flag
a shaped charge to finish the job--hiding behind the flag
women and children blown to pulp--hiding behind the flag
BATF killing kids in a church--hiding behind the flag

i hold true to the fact that if i see
the illegal use of deadly force
i don't care what he's wearing, i'm prepared
to put a round in the offender's head
and i don't care who he works for
it's a damn crying shame there weren't
a bunch of us around back in '93
to surround you bastards and take you down
Track Name: My Foreign Policy
it's you who brought the fight to us, PNAC
you got your "new Pearl Harbor"
could have left well enough alone, but no--
you started something we'll have finished when your entire kind is dead

you'll regret the day of your birth
we'll obliterate your kind from the face of the earth

we're left with no other real choice
you were looking for an opportune excuse
you lied and tens of thousands died
the one thing to do is burn you down to the roots

("The original lyrics were written when Ground Zero, NYC was still smoking. Facts that surfaced later prompted a re-write of the lyrics. The revised lyrics were recorded and incorporated when we remixed the session in mid-2012."--mark)
Track Name: Anti-Hoplophobe
living in a world of make-believe
utopia you think you'll achieve
your phobia of independence's implements
makes you choose a course devoid of common sense

if we ban guns, do you think armed thugs won't be on the streets at night?
if we ban guns, can we trust our government to do what's right?
reaping the bitter fruits of the fear they're sowing around the globe
police state rise and violent crime, enabled by the hoplophobe

you don't trust yourself with a gun
so you turn around and try to stop me from owning one
do you really believe armed burglars will move along
when they see that "gun-free zone" sign on your lawn?

laws only disarm the law-abiding!

Track Name: The Immigrant Song
illegal immigration
scourge upon the nation
sneaking into our land
with nothing but an outstretched hand
welfare recipients more and more
the number of taxpayers less and less
we need to stem the human flood
so we can begin to sort out this mess

a country without borders
isn't a country at all
if we take in more than we can support
then it's certain we're heading for a fall

automatic democrats
vote for the ones that keep them fat
as it is they take half your pay
they've no qualms to take the rest away
socialists like Kennedy (and their)
non-existent immigration policy
spreading misery,
putting the screws to you and me

(This is not a "racist" song. It's an invective of a complex problem. The particulars of the immigration issue aren't the same from one country to the next. 48 seconds doesn't afford a comprehensive discussion of it. For more information visit cis.org.)
Track Name: The Rope Song
i will not kneel!

one length will serve many betrayers on that great day
the tyrants' lifeless movements in ways not of their choosing
north, east, south, west, the cycle begins anew
enemies of the domestic threat have finally prevailed

to the gospel of disinformation nearly all kneel
Illuminist plot unfolds over the course of three centuries
sheeple now rise to minionhood in a few short years' span
Luciferian plans one by one achieved

i will not kneel!

grand ways of the fathers despised
"reporters" parrot Establishment lies
blind lead the blind--it's unlawful to think
stooges up the crack of the little god

the tree of liberty is watered with blood
heroism thought lost resurge, overcome
hellbound goat-licking enslavers hang dead
an example to our young and to all

i will not kneel!
Track Name: Campaign Finance Reform
"campaign finance reform"
will keep us ill-informed
congressional solution
to that pesky constitution

for two full months before the day
activists must be silent
a freedom perverter's wet dream
to quell the voice of dissent

"congress shall make no law...
abridging the freedom of speech"
they go and do this blatantly
the one who signs must be impeached

citizens' groups will be silenced
more job security for the incumbent
in direct violation of their vows
we must remove these traitors now

such utter disrespect
for the law and our country
i won't sit by while they stand there and lie
and call it good for me
Track Name: Warning
maybe i've got something you want
maybe i'm better off than you
you think i'm not the violent type
you think i'd rather give than die

you think i'm an easy mark
you want to lay a hand on me
you think i've got no balls
but i'll blow your brains out

maybe you want to steal my car
maybe you think you've got a right
maybe you want to molest my kids
maybe you want a piece of my wife

stay away from my house...don't fuck with me
stay away from my car...don't fuck with me
stay away from me and mine...don't fuck with me
i'm giving you a warning...so don't you fuck with me

(This is our tribute to PTL Klub, one of the greatest Boston hardcore bands of all time. Thank you to Dr. Death who gave us his blessing.)

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